Hello this page is set up for Damon. Damon's Mother was shot and killed right in front of him. Damon is 5 years old and will now have to live with that image and even more without his mother. As he grows his memory's will fade as he will try to hold on tightly to his Mother. Though he will have people around him for the rest of his life to tell him about his mother he has lost the one thing in this world that one should always have... A MOM. Erica loved her son with the entire world. She openly said that she would give up anything and everything for her child and the best things for her son. Damon will have a group of family that will do what we can to help Damon in the financial and physical. Not that money will make it all better it helps to get through the rough times. As we all know it costs a lot to raise a child from 5 - 18 so anything and everything can and will help get cloths, school supplies, and a college tuition. These things are things that now rest on the shoulders of Damon’s father and grandmother. So anything you can give is welcome with a hug. We are grateful for any help that one might be able to offer. The financial Responsibility now rests on Damon's Father James S. And his Grandmother Sue.

Please Donate any amount that you can or want even pennies count.  The money will sit till a proper account is set up for Damon. The money WILL ONLY BE USED TO BENIFIT DAMON!


This Page is dedicated to the memory of Erica Ostenson And Her son that is left to face the world without her. Erica was gunned down by a man that claimed that he loved her. He just couldn't take no for an answer and shot her. his punishment will come to him in time. Today we focus on the fact that Damon is still here and that he needs our help. No one deserves what he did to her and no child should have to see this happen to their mother.

Funeral arrangments have been made for next Thursday @ 9 am with the funeral proceeding @ 11:30 @ Bethel Baptist Church off Mt. Zion.

You can E-mail Questions to Me as i will hand them off to James S. And Justin P.


We will hopefully have the bank account open tomorrow for the pay pal account. We think we have fixed pay pal to receive payment for non profit. if you have tried to send funds check that it went through. the bank account is going up but is taking a little longer to do then we thought. please be patent with us as we are learning through the moment.

Hello My name is Adam i am the one getting this ball rolling. i will not personaly receive any money sent into this page. ALL i am here for is to provide a link to the family.  I was asked by Damon's Father to Set this up and some family might still be finding out about the site. There was a lot of requests as to where can one go to donate so i offered to set this up as a bridge to the family.  Damon's God Father Justin P. is also in charge of this as a in town bridge to help get the funds to Damon.  This all happened today There is still a lot of details to work out. OUR ONLY CONCERN is Damon And his loved ones in this matter. No One person except Damon Shall Profit from this site, Or The donations given.

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